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  • DIY

    Beginner level hand sewing kits for adults (& supervised kids) to make tree ornaments & wall decor. So you get to say, “Thanks, I made them myself.”

    DIY Kits 
  • Hair & Shoe Accessories

    Handmade flower hair accessories & shoe clips. Stand out at your special event!

    Hair & Shoe Accessories 
  • Ready-Made

    No DIY here! Handmade-for-you wool felt wall decor & holiday ornaments.

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Hello, I’m Heidi, and it turns out I need to create. I have no formal training—just an occasional art class and some basic sewing instruction, with some craft workshops here and there—so I’ve learned mainly through trial and error, the internet, and more trial and error. I’m inspired by color and pattern (in nature and human made), and I like to let my stash of shiny and colorful things lead me in whatever direction they like to take me.

I’m really glad you’re here! Take a look around, enjoy, and contact me if you have questions.



DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits. Beginner level sewing kits for adults.